THE BIGOT Play- A Comedy Drama with a surprise twist

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Finally, the Bigot met his perfect match!!!
What happens when Jim the biggest Bigot in the country needs his African American Lesbian to save his life...(A Comedy drama with a surprise twist).
THE BIGOT It’s a story that tackles the most important issue of our time; it’s intense, provocative and sensitive all at once. Most importantly, it provides a much-needed spirit of hope: That even the most cynical among us can find common ground. 

An amazing story about Jim an equal opportunity bigot, Jim is intolerant on the basis of religion, politics, sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity – he hates them all and is happy to let them know it. That he hasn’t yet converted his adult liberal son, Seth, to be like him is a source of never-ending frustration. Well, almost as annoying as the two lesbians living next door- An African American Aysha and Paula.

But “The Bigot” is about to get the shock of his life, and so are you.

When things don’t go Jim's way and his life starts to crumble in front of his (and our) eyes, something happens that changes not only his life forever, it changes everybody around him.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater- Mandell Theater

812 E RollinsStreet
Orlando, Fl 32803

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