The 502s Album Celebration

March 19th, 2021 Doors: 6:00pm Concert Starts: 6:30pm

  • Album Release
  • Social Distance Concert Outside
  • Community Event
  • Live Music
This event has passed.

"Orlando's rambunctious TikTok sensations & Feel-Good-Folk-Band celebrate the vinyl release of Could It Get Better Than This - the brand-new full length album for 2021 and follow-up to the internationally acclaimed debut Because We Had To. 

The 502s are undeniable rays of Florida sunshine. Led by earnest banjo-strumming songwriter Ed Isola, the feel-good indie folk band has received critical acclaim as celebratory, wholesome, and utterly life affirming. For their sophomore full length album they’ve expanded their sonic range with a veritable folk orchestra, comprising a colorful menagerie of instruments from strings and xylophones to brass, melodicas, whistles and bells, all wrapped in neighborhood-block-party-sized singalongs with vaulted vocal harmonies worthy of any great concert hall. 

"It's okay to be happy" is the band's motto, and The 502s are a band on a mission to bring that message to the world. Through their music and live shows, they create a safe and collaborative space for people to smile widely and appreciate the good things in life. That approach has resonated deeply with a global audience. Just since October 2020, the band has had over 5000 people sign up for their virtual experience “Camp Feels Good”, and seen their videos explode on TikTok with millions of streams.

Plaza Live

425 North Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32827

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